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    lift the burden off hr so they can get back to what they do best…building a strong workforce.

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Human Resources Information Systems

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Hiring, onboarding, benefits administration, performance reviews…all fall onto the shoulders of Human Resources (HR). Add that to the constantly changing labor laws and regulations, and it’s a heavy burden.

Give HR a lift with this powerful application that helps streamline and automate operations. Self-service capabilities allow employees to handle more HR-related tasks directly, helping cut down interruptions.

When automating and streamlining your HR management application, HR professionals can shift their focus from time-consuming tasks to what they do best—growing and developing a winning workforce.

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Key Features

Our HR management application offers many options to help your team. See below for details.

Process Automation

  • Workflow and Approvals
  • Employee Onboarding Checklist
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Fields
  • Email Notifications
  • Document Storage


  • EEO Reporting
  • Vets 100 Reporting
  • Worker’s Claims Management
  • OSHA Reporting
  • Other HR Resources

Employee Management

  • Performance Reviews
  • Incident Tracking
  • Credential Management
  • Asset Management
  • Training and Certification Management
  • Vehicle Tracking

Benefits Management

  • Employee self-service enrollment
  • Automatic payroll deduction creation
  • Carrier Connectivity
  • Census Reporting

Company Resources

  • Company directory
  • Organization chart
  • Announcements
  • Company policies and documents

Paperless W4/I9 Forms

Streamline the collection of W-4/I-9 data with a secure web-based form. The forms can be filled out and signed electronically during the onboarding process. After it is submitted and processed, the employee’s payroll status is updated automatically.

Social Security Verification

With this time-saving service, you can verify a new employee’s name and Social Security number right from our system…without going to an external website. Just click a button, and you’ll get instant verification whether or not the employee’s information is valid.

This service is available through an integration with the Social Security Administration’s Business Services Online program. This allows organizations and authorized individuals to submit confidential information to the SSA.

Benefit Enrollment

Employee benefit enrollment no longer has to be a chore. We offer a Web-based, self-service enrollment solution for all your employee benefit needs, including medical, dental, prescription drug, vision, life, disability, retirement, and many more.

New employees can sign up during their new hire enrollment period. Existing employees can enroll during open enrollment, or, if applicable, create qualifying events outside of the open enrollment period. Email notifications are configured to alert management of enrollment requests as well as new hire and dependent eligibility rules.

Electronic file feeds of enrolled employees can be configured to automatically send to your carrier. This helps avoid common oversights such as forgetting to report new or terminated employees.

Asset Tracking & Management

Keep track of valuable items issued to employees, such as equipment, laptops and tablets. Our asset management tool lets you assign items to employees, so you know who has them when you need them.

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews help you evaluate employee progress, appropriately reward high performance by way of raises, identify areas for further training and development, and promote the right people into the right positions. To be effective, there should be a formal process in place that allows for feedback.

Our system allows you to create customized performance reviews with goals, ratings and competencies. You can easily schedule the review with the employee and designated supervisors, with email notifications to keep everyone in the loop.


Adjust company settings, manage to-do lists and more in My Dashboard.


Reviewing and choosing the best benefit plan for employees is easy when you can compare all available plan side by side. Review premium amounts, coverage, and co-pay information all from one screen. (HR module must be active)


The easy to use benefit enrollment process takes employees through all available benefits and allows them to pick and choose what they wish to sign up for.


Convert your current paper forms to online forms that can be completed and signed right from within PROWORK. These forms are then stored in each employee’s record for future retrieval. (Example: Employee handbook acknowledgement)


A powerful workflow engine allows you to configure virtually any approval route that follows your unique business processes. (HR module must be active)


Checklists make any onboarding process easy. Use a checklist to make sure each new employee completes all the required forms, orientation, and training steps needed. Keep track of the new employee’s onboarding progress in real time. (HR module must be active)


Access most self-service functionality right from the available iOS and Android apps!


(HR module must be active) Access onboarding checklists, request time off, and more right from the mobile app available on iOS and Android


A multitude of export formats allows you the flexibility to look at your information any way you would like. These export options are available for each and every report within PROWORK.


The dashboard is the first page you see when logging into PROWORK. It provides quick access to different widgets including Quick Links for navigation, company announcements (HR module must be active) and much more.